HIT Training For Busy People

(DailyThrive365.com) – People today are constantly looking for ways to maximize their time and get the most out of daily routines, which includes exercise. One great solution for doing just this is High Intensity Training (HIT), or intensive workouts that focus on efficiency over effectiveness. HIT can provide fast results while not compromising quality or results.

There are numerous advantages of high intensity training (HIT), and it can easily fit into your daily schedule in as little as 30 minutes, giving you enough time to make an impactful workout and then continue with life as normal.

What Is High Intensity Training (HIT)?

HIT workouts focus on maximizing effort into each exercise to produce maximum gains quickly and efficiently. HIT typically entails short bursts of intense activity followed by rest periods, repeated for multiple repetitions or rounds. Success with HIT depends on exerting maximum effort during intense phases while still giving yourself enough rest between rounds for recovery purposes.

HIT workouts offer incredible versatility to anyone regardless of fitness level or goals, from beginner to expert fitness enthusiasts alike. HIT exercises can be modified to meet anyone’s specific needs and goals. For instance, if you’re starting out then bodyweight exercises like squats, push-ups, and lunges could work, while more experienced fitness enthusiasts could include weights resistance bands or even plyometrics in their routine if desired. HIT workouts provide you with unrivaled versatility and you can adapt workouts exactly to any fitness enthusiast’s specific requirements!

HIT workouts truly offer endless customization possibilities and can meet individual’s individual fitness levels needs and goals when tailored properly!

Let’s explore some specific exercises:

Fast Feet:

Everyone’s likely heard of Fast Feet, in which a participant focuses their feet rapidly for a set period. This exercise can get your heart rate pumping quickly while being intense and typically lasting 30-45 seconds.


This classic exercise is an integral component of any HIT training routine. Beginning in a standing position, quickly drop into push-up position before jumping back up as high as you can before repeating for your desired number of reps or rounds.

Mountain Climbers:

Start in a plank position, and alternate bringing both knees up quickly towards your chest in rapid succession – an excellent exercise to target core, shoulders, and leg strength!

Jump Squats:

Begin by positioning your legs shoulder-width apart and jumping as high as you can while simultaneously bringing both arms upward to meet at your head. As soon as you land, immediately drop into a full squat position before repeating this exercise.

High Intensity Training is an incredible way to quickly get in shape without compromising quality or results. By pushing yourself to your limits during short, intense bursts of activity, HIT can produce real progress quickly. Make a routine and find an area for workouts at home or use gym membership and start pushing!

Be a Champion for Fitness and Health! Congratulations on reaching your desired fitness and health goals.